What is Social Intelligence?

SOCIAL INTELLIGENCETM is when an organization acknowledges, addresses and invests in the social dimensions of an organization such as gender diversity and inclusion, mental health, and intergenerational issues with the goal of increasing productivity, health/wellness, and the bottom line.

This is achieved by giving individuals in an organization the necessary tools and skills to develop themselves to create a healthy and sustainable work environment for all.


Centre for Social Intelligence (CSI) empowers individuals and organizations to achieve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

CSI was created to address the economic benefits of the social dimension in the workplace. Social issues including diversity and inclusion, were not yet seen as a means of creating greater organizational performance. Founded in 2013, CSI responded to this gap and has worked effectively with public, private, and not-for-profit groups to empower them to create change in their organizations.

CSI Team, which include experts in the area of diversity and inclusion, change management, diversity and inclusion auditing and research, are able to guide organizations from “where do I start?” to “how do I get there?” We work with you to identify your goals and empower you to achieve them.

Centre for Social Intelligence Team

Our CSI Team is experienced and approachable and have seen it all! Having worked with mostly traditionally male dominated cultures, our CSI Team can help you determine what you need and how to go about it. It’s that simple. – Then have them go to the list of the Team.

Contact us to learn more about how CSI can support your organization.